Savoir became Predator!! 13 year-old was pregnant by her own father: An act of a man which lead to his own daughter’s demise

There are people with zero sense of humanity within their bodies of flesh and bone. They are just animals with a human posture, which is ready to perform any sin against mankind. Females have always remained a victim when it comes to crime.

And it looks like this time it’s again a female who was a victim. Recently, it was revealed that a girl of 13 from Brazil, was impregnated by her own father was announced dead during the delivery to his child.

Luana Ketlen, who was a mere child who was in school, was found out to be undergoing a lot of pain from her private parts as well as from her belly. After the checkup, it was found out that the girl was pregnant.

After the revelation, the girl was immediately shifted to the emergency ward after which doctors decided to take the baby out of her which they eventually did, but the girl was unable to resist the pain, due to the injuries she suffered from molestation by her father, and as a result, she died.

After that, immediately, the authority took Tome Faba, father of the victim, under custody while he was planning to escape from Coari. Then he was summoned in the court where he was charged with child abuse and murder.

According to the report, the girl was seven months pregnant, and to get rid of the agonizing condition of the child, they decided to take the baby out, and they were able to deliver a premature child who somehow survived, but after a short while, the teenager died.

The police officials stated that “The child used to reside with her parents outside the city of Coari. None of the family members, including her own mother, wasn’t aware of her husband’s deed, but we have issued a warrant against Tome Fabe, and we will make sure that he receives severe punishment”.