John Legend and Christine Teigen under attack by President Donald Trump!! But why the tweets went crazy? Checkout for more details.

In a series of tweets, Donald Trump attacked John Legend and Christine Teigen

The American President, Donald Trump seems upset with the musician John Legend and his wife, model Christine Teigen. In a series of tweets on late Sunday, Mr. President has attacked the singer and his model wife.

He lashed out at Legend and Teigen for praising the Criminal Justice reform in MSNBC special, but not giving enough credit to him and Republicans who brought the reform in motion. Criminal Justice reform or what’s known as the First Step Act.

An upset Donald Trump attacks John Legend and his wife on twitter. File Photo

What’s the First Step Act?

The First Sept Act aims at curbing the nation’s mass incarceration crisis by providing some non-violent inmates the opportunity to earn credits towards an early release if they get an education or take other steps to get them ready for re-entering the society. It also provides respite to the racist sentencing law for the crack cocaine preferred by more Black people, which levied insane penalties that the powder cocaine snorted by usually white people.

Why is Donald Trump upset?

He states in his tweets that when the fate of the Reform act was dwindling, it was him who pushed it and brought it in motion along with the help of a group of senators and others when people came to him for help. Taking a pot-shot at the former American President, Barack Obama, he says that Obama too couldn’t come close but he signed it and made it a law.

Donald Trump attacks John Legend and his wife, Christine Teigen.

Calling Legend boring and Teigen filthy-mouth, he says that they are taking the praise and calling the reform act but they weren’t anywhere near when the First Step Act needed help to get passed through legislation. He concluded that once the act was passed, no credit is being given to the people who made it possible.


John Legend and his wife didn’t take the words the bashing too calmly. He went onto chid the President for being more bothered about getting praised by someone, anyone. He further brings Melania Trump in the loop by asking her to praise her husband as he needs her, the country needs her.

Christine Teigen retorts by calling Donald Trump, Pussy Ass Bitch. She shortly made another tweet saying that though she didn’t speak in the special yet she was attacked.