“Hulking” going to be another Gay super hero in Marvel Studio’s Captain Marvel 2!! Checkout for more details!

The world is still working on accepting gays and lesbians among them. Though a few might go absolutely against the idea, Taylor Swift and a lot of significant others are trying to incorporate the harsh truth into them.

Marvel Studios is one of the significant others trying its level best to incorporate LGBTQ super-heroes into its Cinematic Universe in Phase 4.
While fans of Marvel Studios are waiting to see how the Studios is going to reveal the sexuality of Valkyrie in one of her upcoming movie, Thor: Love and Thunder, it was announced recently that another gay hero is going to show up in Captain Marvel 2.

"Hulking" going to be another Gay super hero in Marvel Studio's Captain Marvel 2!! Checkout for more details! 1
Young Avengers

Marvel Studios have announced that this gay character is going to play a major role in the Young Avengers. Sources claim that Marvel Studios is going to introduce a gay hero in Brie Larson’s upcoming movie, Captain Marvel 2 and that gay hero is titled “Hulkling”. Though the new hero has a name similar to Hulk, it was revealed that Hulkling is nowhere related to Hulk and that Hulkling was not even exposed to Gamma radiations and has no ties with Bruce Banner.

Through Marvel Comics, it was reflected that Hulking is actually a Skrull teenager. In the first installment of Captain Marvel series, the Skrulls have played an important role and has also appeared in Spider-Man: Far From Home as a cameo. So it is not going to be a big deal that fans are going to see the gay hero in the upcoming movies from Phase 4.

The source has claimed that Hulkling is going to play only a small role in Captain Marvel 2 but plays a very important role in the later films that make gives her a major role in Young Avengers.

Marvel Cinematic Universe has till now has not announced the date for the release of Captain Marvel 2.