Close Margin between Biden and Trump in USA Elections makes Donald Trump to Call for Re-counting! Is there a Voters’ Fraud?

US is one of the most powerful countries of the world and this is why people from all around the globe are too much keen about the US Presidential Election 2020. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are confident about their victory but it’s quite clear that Joe Biden will be the one in power this time. However, nothing is confirmed for now, anything can happen.

The Democratic candidate, Joe Biden has full confidence the he’s gonna win and so he along with his running mate Senator Kamala Harris have started taking actions on their further tasks by considering two critical situations for now, one is public health and the second is economy.


According to the most recent projection, out of the 538 electoral college Biden has got 264 votes up for grab. And thus, only six more electoral college are required for him to be announced as the new President for the United States.

Joe Biden, the Democratic Presidential candidate said that it was quite clear that he will obviously win the race for the White House against Donald Trump, the incumbent Republican President. However, the results are still to be out. The counting is currently going on in the states of Pennsylvania and Georgia and Biden is much more ahead of Trump at that place.

Donald Trump on the other hand has claimed of voters fraud. President Donald Trump and some of his Republican supporters are out for a rally asking to count all legal votes. But we all know all these tactics are gonna be a waste because at last Biden will win the US Election 2020. One of the main reason for Biden’s victory is all the violence that took place recently in the country.