Biden or Trump – USA Few Inches Behind Deciding the Fate of the Country for Next 5 Years!

The road to win White House chair is getting tougher by each vote for Trump. Joe Biden is just 6 votes away to become the next president of United States of America. From the day before and since day 1 of elections, Trump has warned that if he loses, he will definitely go court for unfair elections. In fact, yesterday Trump sussed three states and lost in 2 of out of it.

Biden is few votes away or you can say one key state away to win White House chair

In middle of tough times, republican campaign is allowed to observe the vote counting in Pennsylvania. However, Trump is losing the match there too. Before this he also lost a lawsuit for observing vote counting in Michigan.

Taking over to twitter, Trump tweeted many tweets which are getting flagged by Twitter. He again twitted today that “Stop the count”. Whereas, Biden said, every vote will be counted. He also asked his  supporters to stay calm while Trump says “Stop the Fraud” referring to Biden.

What makes Team Trump pushing close to lose the elections?

Well, 2016, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were the states which made Trump win the elections. But, in 2020 it is bit different. These three states are more responsible to bring him down.

Joe Biden has win record set votes after Barack Obama back in 2008.

So who is winning the elections?

If we see total electoral votes, Biden is winning the elections. But nothing is sure as the margin is not so big and things can still change. About 26.8 million votes are yet to be counted.

At last, Facebook has also taken down the trump supporters groups for spreading misinformation. The group gained more than 365,000 members just in a day.