Netflix’s ‘Malcolm and Marie’ TRAILER OUT!!! Zendaya & John David Washington’s Romance BLOOMS On Screen!!!

Netflix has unveiled the teaser of “Malcolm and Marie” recently. In the teaser revealed, you can see the blossoming romance between Zendaya and David Washington. The two are returning on the screens in a black and white view. Check out the blog to know about the pair!!!

Malcolm & Marie Trailer: John David Washington and Zendaya's Love Goes Through Fire and Ice In This Black-n-White Netflix Flick (Watch Video)

“Malcolm and Marie” Trailer teased out!

Netflix has teased out the trailer of “Malcolm and Marie” recently. In the trailer, you can see Zendaya and David Washington having a romance. In the black and white screens, the pair is coming to blossom their romance.

Check out the trailer of “Malcolm and Marie” unveiled recently!!!

What is “Malcolm and Marie” about???

Malcolm and Marie” one of the most awaited drama movies in the black and white version. The movie features Zendeya and John David Washington and the pair’s romance.

In the upcoming movie, Washington will e playing the role of a filmmaker and Zendeya will be portrayed as his girlfriend. The couple would be discussing their past relationship in the upcoming movie. The pair returns home after a movie premiere and suddenly at night things began to change and there were revelations about the couple’s relationship and they began to wonder if there was someone who has loved them better.

John David Washington addresses Zendaya age gap concerns

The movie has got its direction from the legendary director of “Euphoria”,  Sam Levinson. The filmmakers have big plans for the black-and-white drama film and they are planning it to take to the Oscars in 2021.

When “Malcolm and Marie” will release in the theatres?

“Malcolm & Marie” was shot during the pandemic time. It is set to release on 5th February 2021.

Get ready for the premiere of the movie!

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