Love, Death + Robots Volume 3 Trailer Showcases Nine New Stories From Big Storytellers

David Fincher, Alberto Mielgo, Tim Miller, and Jennifer Yu Nelson are among the directors

Netflix has revealed the official trailer for the third season of their hit anthology series, Love, Death + Robots. The series look as bizarre and exciting as it always did, but this time there are some special inclusions. Filmmaker David Fincher has joined the team and will be directing his first animation. Let’s read in detail.

Love. Death + Robots Volume 3 Stories and Directors

Love, Death + Robots

Season 3 will have stories including an apocalyptic satire zombie one, a shark-hunting adventure, Scottish rats that are evolved to human intelligence, and siren songs that brings a deaf knight to his death. Additionally, the story “Three Robots” from the show’s first season will receive its sequel. John Scalzi will be returning as director for it. Alberto Mieglo, the three-time Emmy-winning director for The Witness will return for the show. Other returning directors include Carlos Stevens, Andrew Kevin Walker, and Joe Abercrombie.


Just like the past iterations, season 3 of Love, Death + Robots will feature its signature wit and thoughtful storytelling. Every story will have an apocalyptic feel, while some are happening after an apocalypse. More supernatural evils from ancient mythology are being used. The show expertly uses CGI and animations to tell its stories. The CGI episodes look crisp and stellar as always. There is a sense of trippiness throughout the new season as well. Of course, themes of violence, sex, and greed are explored throughout.

Season 3 Release Date

Love, Death + Robots

We are closer to season 3 than we thought. Love, Death + Robots is one of those series that release its trailer just before the series premieres. Season 3 will be available on Netflix from May 20. Are you excited?

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