Knives Out 2 Title Revealed – And It’s As Bizarre As Its Characters

Director Rian Johnson’s ensemble murder mystery will be heading to Netflix for the sequel

The title for the highly-anticipated Knives Out 2 has been revealed, and it’s something no one has expected. Director Rian Johnson revealed the title in a new teaser, as Daniel Craig’s eccentric private detective Benoit Blanc will be solving his next mystery while on a voyage to the Mediterraneans. Similar to the 2019 movie, Knives Out 2 will also feature a stellar cast, who all become suspects. But before that, let’s take a look at the title.

Knives Out 2 Title Reveal

Knives Out 2 Title

Knives Out 2 will be officially known as Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. The title reveal came shortly after Johnson responded to a fan’s request for the same. He first posted a cryptic message with Peggy Lee’s song, “A Good Day.” After revealing the title, he said that his biggest inspiration for the franchise was Agatha Christie, as the late great author wrote so many brilliant whodunnit novels. He also gave a hint that while Craig’s character is investigating a mystery, it is possible that it won’t be just another murder.

The movie’s development began before the first movie came out, but was only announced after it became a huge success. There is yet another sequel, and Johnson and his producing partner Ram Bergman put it up for auction, and Netflix snagged it in a $469 million bid. Filming began in mid-2021, and is now awaiting release.

Release Date

Knives Out 2

So when will Knives Out 2 release? Netflix and Johnson have revealed that they are looking for a holiday release, so we can expect it to release in theatres and Netflix in November or December. If that’s true, we can expect a trailer for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery soon.

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