Halftime – Netflix Documentary Trailer Reveals The Life Of Jennifer Lopez

Watch Jenny from the block become one of the biggest entertainers in history

Netflix has unveiled the trailer for Halftime, a documentary on American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez. Yes, it should’ve come out ages ago, but we are finally getting it. Halftime will be showing her career to superstardom all the way to the 2020 Super Bowl halftime show, hence the name. Let’s read in detail below.

Halftime Trailer and Events


The trailer shows the 52-year-old star being her unapologetic self and investing her blood, sweat, and tears to her career. Perhaps, the documentary is her way of lashing back at the countless news portals that bullied her relationships, body, and weight instead of focusing on her talent. Similar to Janet Jackson and Britney Spears, Lopez also deserves an apology from these websites for not focusing on the right things.

Halftime will discuss her breakout role in Selena as Selena Quintanilla, and how she acted and sang to perfection. Then comes the tabloid drama involving her relationship with Ben Affleck, and how the couple are now together after all these years. The trailer opens with her coaching and voicing her frustrations at other performers who are with her for the show.

Additional parts that will be added are the Presidential inauguration, where Lopez sang “America the Beautiful” and “This Land Is Your Land.” Her contribution to fashion, her businesses, and her evolution as a mother, a Latina, and an artist will be shown in great detail.

The series is directed by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Amanda Micheli, and produced by 25/7 and MakeMake Production.

Release Date


The documentary will be released in less than a month. It will arrive on June 14. Look forward to it.