First Kill: Netflix Debuts First Look Images and Release Date for Vampire Drama

The upcoming drama is based on the short story by Victoria “V.E.” Schwab

Netflix has released first-look images of their upcoming young adult drama, First Kill. Based on the short story by New York Times author Victoria Schwab, the series focuses on a teenage vampire trying to establish herself in the family hierarchy. But things go south when her target is someone who comes from a long line of vampire hunters. Let’s read in detail about the story, cast and crew, and release date.

Everything About First Kill

First Kill

The series stars Sarah Catherine Hook, Elizabeth Mitchell, Imani Lewis, Aubin Wise, Dominic Goodman, Gracie Dzienny, Jason R. Moore, and Phillip Mullings Jr. Felicia D. Henderson, known for The Punisher, Gossip Girl, Empire, and Soul Food will serve as the showrunner. Schwab herself will be on board as writer and executive producer. Additional executive producers include Karah Preiss and Emma Roberts.

The series comes at a time when vampire, and supernatural shows in general are in high demand. Julie Plec, known for the commercial hit Vampire Diaries has signed an overall deal with Peacock for two supernatural shows. Peacock is investing heavily into the supernatural genre like Netflix.

The synopsis for the show introduces Juliette (Sarah Catherine Hook) as a young member of a powerful vampire family. It’s time for her to go out and make her first kill as is tradition, so she sets her sight on a new girl known as Calliope (Imani Lewis). Things take a sharp turn when she finds out the new girl’s real identity.

Release Date

First Kill

First Kill is a little more than a month away, with the release date set for June 10. It will have eight episodes. We can also expect the official trailer to drop within the weekend.

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