Fatal Affair: Everything you need to know about the new Netflix production including cast, plot and trailer.

When an ex tries to claw their way back into your life

Netflix is back with another thriller, and the latest is Fatal Affair, which is about a man getting obsessed with a woman he was in a relationship with over twenty years ago. The lead characters will be played by Nia Long and Omar Epps, who will be teaming up for their third outing together. The trailer was released earlier this month and viewers got to see glimpses of the characters and how far they would go for what they want.


The Plot

We  have Ellie, played by Nia Long, trying to rekindle her marriage with her husband Marcus, played by Stephen Bishop, after running into an old friend David, played by Epps. As the movie progresses, we realise with Ellie just how dangerous and unstable David is, in his pursuit of love.

The two meet when Ellie starts a new job, and after catching up, they go their separate ways, or so Ellie thinks. The movie gives some major Fatal Attraction vibes, as David is hell-bent on not letting her go and comes up with ways so that she will be his. We can know what he does only if we watch the movie.


The movie is the third one that Nia Long and Omar Epps have starred in. They previously starred as exes in the 2004 movie Alfie which had Jude Law in the lead. In their first movie Too Deep, Epps played an undercover cop and Long was his girlfriend. Funnily enough, in the trailer for Fatal Affair, Ellie and David talks about how they haven’t see each other for nearly 20 years, which is similar to their situation in real life as well.


The movie also stars Stephen Bishop, Aubrey Cleland, Maya Stojan, and KJ Smith. The movie is now streaming on Netflix.


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