Sylvester Stallone Currently in London to Begin Filming for The Expendables 4

New cast members include Megan Fox, Andy Garcia, Tony Jaa, and 50 Cent

Sylvester Stallone gave an official announcement regarding his next movie, The Expendables 4, on Instagram. The franchise began in 2010 and serves as an ode to Hollywood’s iconic action movies. Stallone wrote and directed the first film, and was actively involved in the sequels. The movies are about a group of mercenaries who fight against a common enemy.

Stallone was able to bring Hollywood’s most legendary action stars such as Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Mel Gibson, Jean-Claude Van Damme and more as supporting characters.

New cast

Sylvester Stallone

Stallone, along with Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, and Randy Couture are confirmed to return. Newcomers include Megan Fox, Andy Garcia, Tony Jaa, and 50 Cent.

The director will be stuntman-turned-director Scott Waugh, who previously directed Act of Valor and Need For Speed. Stallone looks to not be part of the creative front and will simply be the actor this time. He had written the stories and produced for the last three films. The actor is still busy, as his re-edited Rocky IV comes to theatres in November, and takes on his first superhero role in next year’s Samaritan. 

Past performances

The Expendables 2

The first and second movies were iconic, with the second still considered as the best of the lot. But The Expendables 3 was disappointing as it opted for a PG-13 rating. it also increased the cast by adding recent actors rather than the veterans. This affected the box office earnings. Stallone was even said to have left the franchise in 2017 after the unsuccessful third movie. There were also rumours of spin-off movies featuring Statham’s character Lee Christmas, and an all-female led movie, neither of which took flight.

With Stallone now officially back, let’s hope the gods of action get back to their old footing.

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