Shaman King Drops Teaser For Upcoming Anime Sequel

A new anime coming up soon

While anime series always holds a special place in everyone’s heart. There’s one more you would love to have. Well, if you are already excited about it then here’s an announcement telling that a new anime is on its way to all its lovers. Well, the anime coming up is in connection with the popular Shaman King. Yes, an anime coming straight out of Shaman King. So, what can you expect with the new arrival?

Here’s everything to know about Shaman King anime with its other details.

Trailer dropped for Shaman King anime

Shaman King

While we had the Shaman King reboot series back last year. We now know that an anime sequel is awaiting all. The announcement thus about the upcoming anime has come with a trailer that’s making the anime lovers keen to know when it’s arriving.

The dropped teaser however shows in it Hana Asakura in a young age. Hana is the son of Yoh Asakura and Anna Kyoyama. The trailer certainly gave a hint with the character as to which manga it is likely to follow. With superpower in it. The trailer looked appealing. However, no release, cast and storyline details about it has been out yet.

New anime likely to follow Shaman King : Flowers


With a really short trailer for the upcoming anime. The speculation says that it is to follow Shaman King : Flowers. That was a sequel manga from Hiroyuki Takei. As per reports the production for the anime is already in process. Also, globally fans of the anime will have to wait for an announcement to know when the anime would arrive on Netflix.

Meanwhile, Shaman manga has been an old storyline which has been picked up in various series. Both as reboot and sequel too. Voice over and other details about the upcoming anime is as such expected to be out soon. Moreover, you can watch the dropped teaser of it below.

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