Want to know if you are in love? These signs will tell you if you are falling for someone.

True love is a bliss that not everyone gets to experience. And this is one of the most common doubt prevailing in the teenagers whether the feeling they get is of love or just infatuation. So lets clear your doubt with the help of this article in which we’ll be talking about ‘what are the signs of being in love?’

The very first a foremost sign is that you do not mind their flaws. Like you do not tend to go ‘eww..! ‘ if that person does something unattractive or you do not feel embarrassed about that thing.

Moving ahead lets look at the second sign that shows that you are truly in love with someone. And it is that you always think about that person. From waking up in the morning to imagining things while trying to sleep at night, that person is the only one you think of the whole day. And thinking about him or her automatically brings a smile on your face. Well, yes it sounds quite like a Romeo Juliet story but that’s how it actually feels like.

The ultimate thing we want when all the time is their happiness. We want our loved one to stay happy. We wish him every happiness one could ever get. And their happiness is what makes up happy.

As you see in the movies, everything seems so cheerful and merry. And the person who is in love seems to be in his own wonderland. The feeling is really amazing. There is an optimistic change seen in the character of that person. He/ she seems to be full of positivity and think that everything will become fine sooner or later.

Being in love is a heavenly bliss that makes you and the person you have fell for feel really special.

(Images credits: Pixabay)