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Does Age Gap Matters??? If She’s Older, Does It Matter Too Much!!! Read out the blog post to know about it!!!

Is age a very important factor when it comes to relationships??? What if the girl is elder than the boy??? In our Indian society, we have always witnessed the groom be elder than the bride in almost most of the marriages, or say arranged marriages. Man being elder is a typical stereotype being followed in our country but what if this stereotype is changed and the bride or the girl in the relationship is elder than the groom or the guy. Is the concept of a happy couple same when the women in the relationship are elder. Let’s divulge into the blog post to check this out!!!


What happens when women are elder?

We have witnessed many marriages of prominent celebrities where the brides are elder than the grooms. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jones are some of the famous examples. Other examples include Neha Kakkar-Rohanpreet Singh, Malaika Arora-Arjun Kapoor. And a recent couple Gauhar Khan and Zaid Darbar.


Gauhar Khan who has married Zaid, who is 12 years younger than her, recently on Christmas has said that it is very easy for people to talk about the age gap to act as a barrier between the pair. But it never mattered for her and her husband as the two shared a mutual understanding and for them, age never mattered.

Let’s check out the Real-life experience of common people:

Now, the question is does being elder than her man is something that includes maturity, good understanding, or it is just like babysitting. Scroll down the post to know what people think of it who have already experienced it.

A couple from Uttar Pradesh has said that the age gap never mattered for them. The wife said that the age gap was just a number for them and they never thought of it as something else. She also said that elder means more maturity and intelligence so her husband always consults her of anything he is going to do or is thinking of as he feels her be more mature than he is. She also added that concealing the age was not a part of their life and they were honest about it. The age gap has never affected their relationship negatively, instead has always had a benefit.

It can be said that if there is a mutual understanding between the pair, there is no space for considering the age gap.


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