SEVENTEEN Confirmed to Appear on ‘Ask Us Anything’!

Embrace yourself! SEVENTEEN has confirmed to come on the show ‘Ask Us Anything’

The news was confirmed by JTBC about SEVENTEEN coming on to the show ‘Ask Us Anything’. However, the date on which they will appear is not decided yet. This just gets better since it has been almost more than a year since SEVENTEEN has made their appearance on the show.

the band

Little about the show

‘Ask Us Anything’ also sometimes known as ‘Knowing Bros’ is a Korean Show. The show started in 2015 and is running ever since with some very successful seasons. However, the show has also taken some different concepts throughout. The show features a high school classroom with the Titular Brothers. Meanwhile, they act as students of the same age. Various guests arrive posing as the students from another school. Then the guests are interviewed by the cast. In the show, the guests are asked questions about their struggles, recent productions, their hobbies, love interests, and much more. In the second half of the show, they are given some games and fun activities.

What happened when they last came on the show

Last year, the show by JTBC was a hit when SEVENTEEN members came on the show. In the episode, they revealed their stage names and the meaning behind them. They also shared their real name and the connection with the stage name. Meanwhile, they also shared that they usually hang out with each other’s parents. Since they have such a good bonding with each other and even their families know each other. The episode was fun and had everything it could have had.

promotions of the recent album

Currently, they are working on the promotion of their recent album ‘Attacca’. 

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