BTS’s new album BE is a message of hope from the band

BTS released their second album of 2020 on November 20, and critics are calling it “authentic” but doesn’t take “many risks”

BE is K-pop band BTS’s second album of the year after Map of the Soul: 7, and has them addressing life in lockdown.

During a Seoul press conference, the group described their latest album as “a letter of hope” to their millions of fans, known as The Army. Music critics have given it mixed reviews of 3 and 4 stars.

The reviews

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The Guardian has classified them as a strong unit that are showing that they are not “manufactured robots” – a common criticism that most K-pop groups have to hear, since they’re selected through many gruelling rounds, and constantly have to be kept under the watchful eyes of their managers.

Katie Hawthorne from The Guardian said that they “rewrote the western pop rulebook”, and “a happy side effect” as they are willing to address  their various doubts, flaws, and sources of support instead of just showing their good sides

The Evening Standard has also enjoyed the new album, but gave it 3 stars since they felt that the band played it a little too safe this time. Jochan Embley wrote that they didn’t overstay their welcome, and came and went in less than half an hour, without taking risks as always. But he added that it’s not a bad thing, and that it’s a source of comfort during these hard times.

BE contains “Dynamite,” their record-breaking second-English language track that was able to smash records in August. Then there’s “Life Goes On,” which addressed their experiences of life under lockdown.

The album got good reviews from other news sources like The Independent, The Metro, and NME as well.


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