Either Young Or Rogan : Young Requested Spotify To Remove His Songs for Covid-19 Misinformation Spread

Neil Young Asks To Remove His song To Spotify

Neil Young objected to the partnership between Spotify and Joe Rogan, who is spreading false information regarding COVID-19 news. He further demand to remove all his song from the music platform.

Young Wrote A Letter To Spotify Regarding Misinformation

The Musician posted a letter on his official website although it was deleted later. he requested to remove all his song from the music platform because of spreading false news regarding coronavirus vaccine and because of that news many people who believed are on the verge of death, in the letter.

The letter continued that the company should act on this immediately and inform him the time schedule. He claimed that the platform can have either Young or Rogan because of the false information of which they are spreading. Even though the Musician’s work was accessible in the platform.

Neil Young
Rich Fury/AP

Misinformation is Not A Recent Problem

Young is not the first one to raise questions, last month more than 265 doctors, health care professional and scientists allied and signed an open letter against the Spreading of misinformation  through the podcast by Joe Rogan.

Some public health officials also protested against The Joe Rogan Experience  Podcast for broadcasting misinformation regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Since Joe Rogan is most listened podcast currently on audio streaming service. He signed $100 million deal with Spotify giving them the right to distribution of his podcast. .

Neil young
Rich Fury—Invision/AP

Is The music Platform Is The Platform Of Misinformation?

Spotify has also removed many controversial content in the past which includes Rogan’s  podcast featuring right wing personality .

Now, by allowing propagation of false and harmful assertion, the music platform is  heading to put people into danger and damaging their trust in scientific research  . It is increasing the doubts of people on data driven guidance offered by medical professionals.