Coronavirus is Spreading like a Wildfire; Two Delaware University Students Screened for the Deadly Virus

As the coronavirus is spreading, two students from the University of Delaware are being tested for coronavirus, according to UD Officials. The University is not sharing any detail expect the fact that the students didn’t live inside the campus premise.

The two students are hospitalized in isolation in a local hospital to prevent the virus to spread further until the diagnostic test results from the CDC come back. The Delaware Division of Public Health is coordinating testing with the centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)

Earlier this month another resident of the same university was tested for a possible case of Coronavirus, the case was determined to be negative. Since then the officials are trying to learn more about the virus to prevent the students from getting infected with the virus.

In a message sent to the UD Community Dr. Tim Dowling, the medical director asked the students to care for one another and not make any assumptions about other’s perceived symptoms or any other characteristics to identify the virus infection. This is a time for the community to support one another.

The World Health Organisation(WHO) has officially decided a short name for the coronavirus disease- COVID.

This life taking outbreak that started in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China is spreading with a pace much quicker than SARS- Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome which was recognised in 2003. The viral outbreak emerged in December last year and had infected more than 48,000 people all around the globe and has crippled the world’s second-largest economy and has spread to almost 26 countries.


The coronavirus cases seem to have slowed down in provinces outside Wuhan, yet it is one of the deadliest days in China with a total of 1310 deaths including 242 new deaths, surpassing the fatalities caused by the outbreak of SARS.