Good Girls Season 3 All Set To Be Released! Check Out Everything You Need To Know About the Release Date, Cast And Plot.

By 5 months ago

Good Girls Is a crime thriller, yet comedy NBC series which is all set to be aired on 16th February 2020. Well, series stars Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman all women rapped in crime with just a heist in the supermarket. Their one robbery changes their life and how it turns out is what drives the series. Two sisters Bet and Annie and their best friend Ruby are in urgent need of money and fed up with the rules and their miserable condition. They club together to hold local grocery shop.

Knowing More About The Characters:

Speaking about each character, Beth is a wife and perfect mother, but her cheating husband and her ruined deals of used car jeopardize the financial situation.

Ruby is happy with her married life but is frustrated for not being able to pay a bill of her daughter.

Annie, on the other hand, is single mom is in a nasty custody battle with her ex which makes her desperate for money. But their immature decision to rob a grocery shop pull them into the swamp of deeper crime and thus plot moves forward.

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Where To Binge The Show?

Netflix picked the series in 2018. But we have to wait for the whole series to conclude as Netflix won’t release weekly episodes. Well, season 3 has 16 episodes unlike small previous season of 10 and 13 episodes. So as the show will be aired in February that means that it will conclude in June 2020. Which hints us that we want Good Girls Season 3 won’t be on Netflix till June. While one more cliffhanger for the lovers of the show is whether it will air on Netflix as NBC is releasing its own streaming service.