Brain scans helps a lot to show how deeply COVID-19 has affected your body. Read more details below!

The first case COVID-19 was reported on 17th of November, 2019. In one year , it has affected the world in a worst manner. Since then, World Health Organization has released number of symptoms of COVID-19. We can categorise symptom of coronavirus under following three categories given below:

  • Common symptoms

Fever, dry cough and tiredness are the most common symptoms of COVID-19.

  • Uncommon symptoms

Sore throat, diarrhoea, headache, loss of taste or smell, conjunctivitis, aches & pains, rashes on skin and colour changes of skin near fingers or toes are very less common symptoms.

  • ¬†Serious Symptoms

Chest pair, issues in breathing and loss of speech or movement are some of the serious symptoms.

But symptoms of coronavirus do not stop here. For almost a year, doctors have been trying really hard to find accurate symptoms of this disease. Moreover, there are cases where the virus also affect the brain in the ways we cannot even explain.

In a latest research by two neurologists, it is observed that all the abnormalities borned due to coronavirus in brain can be measured using EEG

EEG is an acronym for electroencephalogram which is capable of tracing every complex part of human brain. After analysing 620 COVID positive patients, it was found that they suffered sort of impairment or disturbance in brain function. Due to COVID, widespread inflammation results in impairment in brain.

Moreover, almost one third of abnormalities were found in the frontal lobe. It is that part of the brain which is responsible for executing activities like thinking, logical reasoning and decision making.

However, this results and analysis do not give any data of how much COVID-19 affects brain and in what portion of population it can be dangerous to brain. Haneef, one of the two neurologists said that we need to do more research in this field.