Lukas Gage, Euphoria’s actor faces mocking by a director and the incident took toll on internet

If you have watched Euphoria you may remember Tyler Clarkson. This role was portrayed by Lukas Gage who recently is trending on internet for being a very unappropriate mocking by a casting director. Lukas also posted the video on both of his Instagram and Twitter handle. The director mocked him for his lifestyle while he was taking part in virtual audition for a new role.

The director made a mistake as he thought his mic was off

Apparently, other the above mentioned mistake, director also did a blunder for mocking him. In fact, if you watch the video Lukas has drop out on his official handles you will literally feel how insensitive the casting director was.

You can bet yourself but still you will watch this video for like 378429th times and realise how brave Lukas is. As soon as Lukas posted this video he got a lot of appreciation from his followers and other actors.

We can clearly see that the director said that look at his apartment and the Tv at his background. However, the director also apologised and took all the responsibility of the act he did. He firstly apologised him on the spot and then apologised publicly and also revealed his identity.

Courtesy: Getty Images

The director is identified as Tristram Shapeero. He is also known for his work in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, peep show and Green Wing. He also said that he used word “poor” in the sense of sympathy and not in reference of any economic judgement. The director also said that he already felt mortified for mocking Lucas so insensitively.

Anyways, for now Lucas is collecting all his appreciation from all of his followers.