Skate City: the most aesthetically pleasing skateboarding game out there for all the fans of the sport! Check it out.

Skating in real life is quite a difficult task. People sometimes tend to dislocate their their knee or get some major fracture while learning to skate. However, you can always experience the gun virtually with the help of games. One such amazing game that’ll give you the experience of skating is Skate City.

Developer of the Skate City game are the Agens whereas, Snowman is the publisher of the game exclusively on Apple Arcade. As the name suggests, the game is all about skating. The game lets you skate all around the world on the streets of every city you want.

However, mostly for now you can roam around these three cities, namely, Los Angeles, Oslo, and Barcelona. And as we all know, each city has a different style, taste in music and also have their separate obstacles.

Although, these cities are really amazing but it would have been really good if the game had some more places to explore.

Every city you visit on your skate board has a new challenge to welcome you. In addition, they also have an endless mode. Through this mode you can play with your skate board around the streets of that city and do different tricks to earn some money. You can also earn these money by completing some specific tasks given in the game. And that money can be further used to unlock new cities or buy new clothes.

As we go on completing the challenges, it keeps getting difficult. The challenges start from avoiding the crowd on the street while skating to escaping the police etc.

The only demerit is that the game us really short. It doesn’t take much time to unlock new cities.