PUBG: With the Launch of Season 13 Recently, the News of Season 14 is Already Making Rounds, and with New Royal Pass, Tier Rewards, Skins, Weapons, it’s Expected to a Beast

We’re barely into season 13 when we have started receiving news of season 14, and it’s criminal not to share some of these things

PUBG mobile has enjoyed immense success across the world since it’s release. And just last week, we got season 13, which brought us some new items and skins. And now, we’re already getting to see some leaks regarding PUBG season 14 in multiple reports. Tencent knows how to keep players from losing interest, so get ready to see new weapons, skins, and emotes appear in the next season.

Season 13 & 14

Source: Dot eSports


In the latest season, we have received a whole new Miramar map, which has been revamped with sandstorms, a Golden Mirado car, and some structural changes to buildings. There are also ramps in Miramar, so you can launch your vehicles off of it and hope for the best that it lands on an enemy’s head. Season 13 also includes a toy theme and has Power Rangers outfits. Who doesn’t love the Power Rangers?

For the leaks on Season 14, we will have to thank the YouTuber Ultimate Shooter YT. He provided us with an 11-minute video where we get to take a gander at all the new weapons, skins, and emotes we will be getting in the next update. Here are the new things we will be seeing:


  • Kukulkan Fury – Kar 98k
  • Dessert Fossil – AKM
  • Gackt – S12K
  • Bizon Blazing Chameleon – PP19
  • Gemini – Scar-L
  • Feral Scavenger – VSS
  • Golden Inscription – M16A4
  • Tribe’s Blessing – Vector
  • Mr. Fox – M762
  • Purple Magnolia – AWM


  • Cardboard King Set
  • Jungle Hunter Set
  • Fortune Teller Set
  • Puppy Love Set
  • Mr. Fox set

Season 14 is expected to start from July 14, 2020, and we can’t guarantee if all these items will make the final cut. For official confirmation, you will need to wait for at least a month from now.