Minecraft Mods Created to Help Gamers Access and Explore Everything that Exists in the Game

Check out what’s new in the latest mod

Mods have been created for Minecraft for the same reason it has been made for other games: to attain the unattainable. By using Minecraft mods, you will have access to all the maps and can explore everything that exists in the Minecraft world. Adding to that, you will have infinite assets in your arsenal while playing Imaginative Mode and be the toughest miner in Endurance Mode. You can create weapons and shield to fend off even the strongest of enemies. Mods are available for multiplayer modes as well.

What’s new in the latest mod

The main features are immortality and unlimited money. Apart from that, you have the following:

Source: Microsoft
  • Marketplace: You will have access to new maps, skins, weapons, different textures, as well as creatures when you visit the market.
  • Cut Commands: This involves changing the gameplay experience according to your wish. You can adjust the time, weather, gather armies, and many other things.
  • Add- Ons: Another in-game customisation feature where you can change the way things look in the game. This includes changing the rules of the game, changing appearances of the characters in the game, and change the way they behave as well. For example, you can give a dog, the characteristics of a creeper. Now it can explode like creepers do.
  • Multiplayer: You can now have up to ten people in your party when you’re on Realms. As you know, Realms is where you create your own private server to play with friends. Apart from that, you can play with up to four friends in the regular server.
  • Servers: Servers are now bigger, and many minigames are available for you and your friends to try out.