Madden NFL 21: The biggest football game is coming soon! Check for release date and latest updates.

EA Sports’ NFL game will be coming to PC and consoles, as well as the next gen consoles

Recently, Electronic Arts or EA dropped the trailer of Madden 21, and we have seen some significant changes.

The star of the trailer was Lamar Jackson, and he’s also the one appearing on the game’s official cover. The makers have made some changes to the gameplay and it looks like they want gamers to be in more control than before.

EA described the new gameplay as something that it’s going to offer lots of room for control and creativity, and has made the new Skill Stick ball-carrier system for freestyling with the passes and charges, and in a way, experience the realism of running through an open field. The tackles have also been improved.

The Release Date

The game is going to release on August 25, 2020 and gamers with the EA Access, Origin Access or Origin Access Premier will get to play three days prior, which is from August 22, 2020. Those who preorder the game can also start three days early.

The game has three variants for its cover: The Standard Edition, the Deluxe Edition, and the MVP Edition.

Madden 20 had received criticism as players complained it was too difficult to stop running, and EA has now optimized it in the new game with Skill Stick, so that players can execute passes, charges, and other combos without difficulty. They have made adjustments on tackling as well, which have been categorised into three: Location-based tackling, breakdown tackling, and improved dive tackling.

Madden 21 will also have a Face of the Franchise mode where it will provide a backstory for a character you can create, and show you as a college quarterback. You can choose your name, appearance and college. You will be playing minor leagues until you get drafted for the NFL and it will follow your journey to the Hall of Fame.

(Cover: Twitter)