Is ‘Lords of Exile’ Here to Take You Through a Walk Down Memory Lane by Making you Reminiscence the Good Old Days of ‘Castlevania’? Let’s Find Out.

The uncanny art style reminds us of nothing else except Konami’s popular game

Back in 1986, an upcoming Japanese developer called Konami brought up a game called Castlevania, which was an action-horror game that brought great attention and popularity to the 8-bit gaming platform. Many such games were released afterward by Nintendo, and NES games were all the rage, Castlevania still stood as one of the top contenders and helped in Nintendo becoming a big name in the market.

It eventually led to its debut in PlayStation in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which was a brilliant game and remains popular to this day.

Introducing Lords of Exile



That was a long Castlevania rant. Let’s get to the main point now. Lords of Exile is by a one-man indie development studio named SquidBit works and has been made by first-time game developer CZAzuaga, or to go by his full name, Carlos Zamora Azuaga, which sounds a little less nerdy. It keeps the classic NES Castlevania elements in mind, which mainly includes the art and looks every bit as cool as the game that started it all.

It’s described as a “side-scrolling action platformer with classical retro mechanics and linear level design” on the developer’s official website. They have nailed the pixel art and the ridiculous gothic architecture, and the bosses with their very “extra” personalities and stiff character movement.

In today’s world were gamers prefer open-world gameplay, with a lot of exploration and detailed storylines, this old-school throwback game seems to have carved its own spot.

Developer Azuaga also seems to be someone who holds the Castlevania series in high regard, and hopes that his first game will be receiving a lot of popularity as any commercial game would.