Exploding Kittens Review: The Card Game Which Aims at Providing Party Experience for its Users is Hyped for All the Right Reasons

The game came up with its app version last year and is already a roaring success

Exploding kittens made it into the headlines last year when it became the most funded game in the history of Kickstarter. The game was created by Elan Lee, Matthew Inman, and Shane Small. When they raised a campaign for the game, they did not realise that they were going to raise about $8.8 million from 220,000 backers.

How the card game became an app

The main goal when it came to turning the game into an app was to create the ultimate party experience where you get to troll your friends and get many laughs out of it. The game is simple, but packs a punch at the same time, and it had already became so popular that there was an objective to make the app version just as enjoyable, if not more. So that’s how it blasted itself onto both the Play Store and App Store.

Source: explodingkittens.com

There were many cards in the original game that just were not able to be interpreted into a digital environment. That’s where the crew had to improvise and create some new cards and other minor tweaks that helped in making it app-friendly.

After a few hundred hours of play testing and constantly being in touch with the other crew members for feedback and in the end, they were able to create the local, peer-to-peer game that was initially released.

The app was an instant hit, and became the top paid within hours of launching. In India, it’s worth 130 rupees in the Play Store. The gameplay is smooth and fast paced, players are able to chat, play with friends or with other random players and it’s online community continues to grow.