Exit the Gungeon game review. Find out the features added to the game.

The Gungeon you were exploring in the first game is now collapsing, and thus, you have a different goal to get out of there.

Unlike the first game, where you play from a top-down perspective with precision twin shooting, in exit, the level is seen from a side perspective in station levels with a fixed camera with a focus on verticality that works with the new doge system.

The bread and butter of gameplay are still shooting and dodging, but this time around handles both very differently. Enter the Gungeon, was a very successful game and was played, and loved worldwide. And Exit the Gungeon made sure you will not be disappointed.

Shooting is automatic as you move towards which character you’re gunning for, you’ll automatically riddle them with whatever goofy gun projectiles you have equipped at that time, but your weapon automatically rotates through your roster as you play.

Dodging has evolved into an amazing new system that gives you tactical maneuvering like some super space ninja, and it feels absolutely incredible. This dodge can go in all directions. Dodging projectiles form all angles is a Blast, and is a refreshing new take on touchscreen maneuverability. Guns that you get on different levels are awesome.

One minor odd to the game is that you cannot crack down the music, and leave the sound effects on while listening to your favorite podcast or music. Many people like listening to music in the background while playing. For those people, it would be slightly irritating to listen to the game’s music.

Playing Exit the Gungeon will be one of the most elevated mobile experiences. We can happily recommend this game to anyone without hesitation.

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