Call of Duty: Mobile – A Worthy Contender for PUBG? Let’s Find Out.

The game, which contains both team deathmath and battle royale modes is quickly gaining followers

First of all, both Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG are made by the same developers, Tencent Games, apart from Activision holding the rights for Call of Duty. And the reason call of duty has a slight advantage is because it contains other modes as well. PUBG is all-out battle royale. And while it is fun, who doesn’t like change? That’s where the other game modes pop up, like in Call of Duty.

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Source: Forbes

Call of Duty: Mobile contains modes such as Team Deathmatch, where two teams are made to fight each other until the team that reaches fifty kills first becomes the winner. Then there’s the Domination mode where one team is given the bomb to plant at specific locations, and the other team has to either defuse it, or kill the entire team before the clock runs out. Then there’s the Sticks and Stones mode, where we are made to hunt each other down with knives, throwing blades, bows and arrows, and the rest. Each are exciting, and you will feel the rage each time a sniper tests their skills on your head.

When it comes to the battle royale mode, you can choose classes, which range from Scout, who can briefly see enemy footprints, Medic, Ninja, who can grapple to buildings, and a few others.

Minus points would include the occasionally long matchmaking periods, players exiting, and microphone troubles while playing with friends (things tend to echo for some reason). Also, only one map is available for the Battle Royale. Once you clear that, you are set to go. The weapons, skins, and gaming modes will blow you away.

Conclusion: Yes, this is better than PUBG.