PUBG Mobile: Check out all latest updates about this online multiplayer battle royale game!

Winner Winner..!! Chicken The..!! The PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds or PUBG mobile game app got immediate popularity and millions of people from all around the world play the game. Gamers just have a different level of addiction towards it. Here are some new updates about the game that every PUBGholic must know.

The most popular game around the world has got some new updates. The very first one is a major update and change in map. New edition of the game comes with a whole new map named Livik. The map is inspired from Nordic. It is only available for PUBG mobile users.

Well, the update is still in beta state but you can still play it right now also. Livik is somewhat similar to Karakin. This also has a 2×2 kilometres area under it. Moreover, the map supports 52-player battle royale combat. With this update and less number of players the battle time can be shortened to almost fifteen minutes.

Not just this, the map comes along with two new and amazing weapons and a great monster truck vehicle. In addition there are some new themes added to the game. These are the spark flame event that can be put into use in classic mode on Miramar and Erangel.

The Miramar map also has some major changes like there are some new areas included to it. For example, the oasis at the northern part of the map and urban ruins. There are also some possiblities of sandstorm at certain areas. This feature will ravage certain areas if the map and make the visiblity zero.

There are also some new race track and addition of some new vehicles are also making the players go crazy.