‘Ju-On: Origins’ Season 2: Is this horror drama going to get renewed by Netflix? Check out all latest updates.

The Japanese horror series, JU-ON : Origins is an adaptation from the popular JU-ON franchise. Shō Miyake is the director of the series whereas, Yō Takahashi and Takashige Ichise are the story writers. The previous season of the franchise took a very little time to come up on netflix after the writing was done.


However this time the series may take a long time for its premier because netflix takes ample amount of time for renewal of a series. Netflix will take a few months to analyse the data related to the series and decide whether to get it back or not. Thus, we cannot expect any updates before a month.

It was never mentioned by the show makers that the series is a limited one. Thus, there are pretty good chances for it to return. But the decision rests in the hands of the streaming service. And Netflix will take the decision taking in consideration the number of suscribers the show has brought for them. Sadly, we do not have any record regarding this. Probably there would have been very less numbers of the same because of lack of marketing in the western market.


But we do have to agree that the show was different than the other horror shows of the streaming service. And this is what attracted people towards it. However, the audience and critics had varying point of views regarding the show.

Well, the craziest parts of the series were the real incidents that the show was inspired from. Many people took to social media to point out those real incidents of the show.


Pandemic is almost in a controlled situation in Japan. Thus, we can expect shooting of the show to start soon. And the final release can be expected in summer 2021.