Did Epic Games Accidentally Leak the Next Big Map Change for Fortnite? Explosive Details

The speculations began following their latest promotional video

Epic Games seems to have given out their next plans on changing the Fortnite map. If the reports are to be believed, the map change will be included in the next update coming to PC, PS4, PS5 Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

The info was shared by numerous Fortnite leakers, news pages, content creators, and fans. The change was spotted in the new video, where the location called Steamy Stacks looked different from what it currently is.

Check out the tweet below:

Accident or deliberate?

The tweet shares an image that briefly appeared in the trailer. Steamy Stacks looks half destroyed, and the entire location seems to be in shambles. However, we cannot be certain that it is due to the Golden Cube or something else.

Epic Games

Many speculate that this was a mistake on Epic Games’ part. In other word, it’s an accidental leak. But, the other half believes Master Oogway’s saying, “There are no accidents.” This could be a deliberate tease, and while Epic Games does tease new updates, this is a first for them. Maybe they wanted eagle-eyed fans to find it out.

The new season

Epic Games

As of now, Epic Games hasn’t issued a comment on this matter. Since Chapter 2 of season 8 just began on Monday, 13th September, they will wait before discussing upcoming events.

In other news, players were expecting Fortnite to drop a skin for Naruto on the new pass. However, that didn’t happen and many were left disappointed. But hope is not yet lost. In a recent interview with Fortnite Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard, a new update was given. Mustard said that the new skin won’t arrive in the battle pass, but as an exclusive outfit at the item shop.

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