‘Call of Duty’ Teases the Return of ‘Alex Mason’ in Season 5 Trailer

Treyarch looks to expand upon Mason and the rest of the Black Ops Cold War narrative

An iconic character from Call of Duty is about to return. Treyarch just released a whole new outro cinematic for Call of Duty season 5. The final scene hints at the continuing story of Black Ops Cold War and the return of its most popular character: Alex Mason. Meanwhile, season 5 is almost over and Season 6 starts in early October.

About Alex Mason

Mason is an important and beloved character of the first person shooter franchise. His role carried the Black Ops storyline. Everything about Mason is shrouded in mystery as he is brought in as the protagonist of the first two instalments. Starting with the iconic interrogation scene in the first game, Mason quickly went on to become a fan favourite.

Alex Mason

His role was minor in Black Ops Cold War, and many questions about him are still unanswered. This includes his whereabouts, and if he had a part to play in the JFK assassination.

The Outro

The final cinematic showed Jason Hudson and Frank Woods going over the Season 5 events. This included Vikhor Kuzmin’s strategy for brainwashing agents with the Numbers program. They talk about their teammate Russel Adler who could be compromised and has gone rogue in Verdansk. For tracking down Adler, Hudson orders Woods to locate Mason. In conclusion, this  shows that Mason will be the next playable operator in Season 6 of Warzone. 

Cold War

Season 5 had a limited-time Numbers event, which might be an Easter egg related to Mason. It added listening stations to the Verdansk map. Moreover, players can unlock rewards like charms, calling cards and a new watch. It ultimately resulted in the players to hallucinate, similar to Mason’s original brainwashing in Black Ops. 

Meanwhile, also get ready for Call of Duty: Vanguard coming on November 5.

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