Neymar and Barcelona Dispute has Finally got Settled and isn’t Pleasant for the Former Soccer Player. Details Below

Former player Neymar got defeated in a Spanish court against Barcelona. The dispute between these two parties was due to the bonus paid to the Brazil striker. This signing took place before the player left for Paris Saint-Germain. Last week the court rejected his appeal that Barcelona will have to pay him 43 million euros which is $48 Million. According to Naymer, the amount was a part of a signing bonus that Barcelona never paid to him.

Instead, the court came up with the verdict that Neymar will have to pay 6.7 million euros, or $7.5 million to Barcelona as a part of the signing bonus that the player was already paid by them. Ex player Naymer and Barcelona signed a contract in 2016 that consisted of a signing bonus of 64 million euros.


22.5 million euros was already paid to the player by Barcelona in July 2016 whereas, the rest 43 million euros was supposed to be paid by the end of July 2017. However, during that time the payment was put on hold because there were rumours in the media that Naymer was planning to move to PSG, which wasn’t in Barcelona’s favor.

And finally PSG, the French Club signed Naymer on 3 August 2017. The signing amout made a world record as it was a lump sum of 222 million euros.

It all led to a dispute between Barcelona and Naymer. However, we now have the court’s judgement in favour of Barcelona. According to the court’s order, Naymer will have to return 22.5 million euros to Barcelona. However, there are speculations in the media that both Barcelona and Naymer wish to get back together. No official confirmation has been made about it from either side, but it’ll really please the Barcelona fans.