Eva Longoria Apologized as She Clarified that She didn’t Intend to Compare, after Receiving Severe Backlash

Actress Eva Longoria landed herself in a controversial situation due to the statement she made in one of her interviews with MSNBC. However, she now have apologized for what she said after she was accused of downplaying the pivotal role of Black women in the US Presidential Election 2020 after Joe Biden won.

Eva Longoria, Democratic Activist said on Sunday at a cable television channel that US Latinas played a major role in making Biden and Sen win the 2020 Presidential election. The words she used in her sentence made everyone interpret that the contribution of Black women in the victory of Biden was being erased or neglected.


However, she later clarified that she didn’t mean to compare the Latinas with the Black Women. Although her words sounded like the same but she would never do that. She clarified this on her Instagram through a post in which she also wrote that her only intention behind saying that was to compare the Latinas and their male counterparts and it has nothing to do with the black women. She accepted that her wording wasn’t clear and this lead to all the misunderstanding for which she’s truly upset and regrets about it.

The actress added that black women have always proved to be a support for the Democratic Party. This has turned out to be true in several elections including the one held recently. She added that black women have done a wonderful job for which they should get a standing ovation from us all.

The “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” also talked about the significance of the Latino voters which turned out to be a big help to make Biden win the election.