Zack Snyder Shines At The Oscars As His Film “Army Of The Dead” Wins

Zack Snyder Work Find Recognition At The Oscars

One of the most awaited award event Oscars has finally honoured the movies and the creative minds who were worthy of a win. But what grabbed most of the attention was a special category of the award that was added in the list this year. Yes, it’s the Fan Favourite Movie Award at the Oscars. But do you know who won that? It was Zack Synder who grabbed it.

Read to know more about the winner of the Fan Favorite Movie Awards At Oscars.

Zack Snyder movie Army Of The Dead won Fan Favorite Film Awards at the Oscars

Army Of Dead | Zack Snyder

Academy Awards this year introduced a new category of the award called the Fan Favorite Film for the Oscars. Well, the winner for this category got announced this year. It went to Zack Synder for his horror thriller film “Army Of The Dead.”

Certainly, what’s special about this new category of the award is that fans here get the chance to vote for their favorite film on Twitter with the use of the hashtag #OscarsFanFavorite. No matter whether the movie is nominated at the Oscars or not, users get a chance to vote for any film they love. And yes, it went to Zack Snyder movie Army Of The Dead.

Oscars Cheers Moment too goes to Snyder

Zack Snyder
Warner Bros.

Another introduction along with the Fan Favorite Film for Oscars was the Oscars Cheers Moment. Oscars Cheers Moment award goes to one of the favorite scenes of the film. It gets voted by the users on Twitter. And yes back again Snyder was lucky enough this time to have the Cheers Moment given to his film scene.

Zack Snyder’s movie Justice League’ s The Flash Speed Force scene was honoured with the Oscars Cheers Moment tag this year. Despite his movies not nominated for the Oscars, his efforts were paid off well this time by his fans.