‘Y: The Last Man’ Axed by FX Ahead of New Season! Showrunner Provides Inner Scoop

Weeks before “Y: The Last Man” final season, FX cancels it

FX has pulled back on its very potential show ‘Y: The Last Man. However, FX and Hulu did not release any official statements. The series is based on comic fiction by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra. The novel was published by Vertigo from the year 2002 to 2008. Although, the series is completely head by females, in the series it was shown that only two males could survive the destruction held on earth. 

It has received the three Eisner Awards and was also nominated for the first Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story. 

Clark’s official statement on cancelling ‘Y: The Last Man

The FX has an official statement on cancelling the most awaited show ‘Y: The Last Man. It has been said that they will not be moving forward with Season 2 of ‘Y: The Last Man’ on HULU. The showrunner, Clark has said that she has never felt so much stuck on a story like ‘Y: The Last Man.

She also said that her team has the equal contribution of women and men in his team and cherishes their contribution. She further added that she never wanted to end it. Praising her team, Clark said that her team was the most collaborative, creative, and hardworking. 

‘Y: The Last Man’
Credit: FX

The Finale

The last episodes of the show premiered on FX on Hulu this year on September 13. All the episodes of the previous season were directed by a female. Moreover, the show’s head was also a female. Clark was also the executive producer along with Nina Jacobson and Brad Simpson.