Willow Smith talks about her childhood insecurity and her struggle with natural body hair. Check it out.

The nineteen year old, Willow Smith, has struggled a lot in past due to her natural hair although they were beautiful. The “Wait a Minute!” singer spoke about it on Red Table Talk’s episode of 27th May. The topic about her hair came up when Willow and her mom Jada Pinkett Smith, grandma Adrienne Banfield Norris, and friends Madison and Mia were discussing about colorism. The term actually implies to “discrimination or prejudice due to one’s skin tone.” This definition was stated in the beginning of the show itself.


Willow accepted that she had issues with the type of hair she had while she was growing up. She also made a confession about how it was always a struggle for her. She even added that she used to watch the hair of her cousin sister and felt bad about her own  hair. She thought that she would look more pretty if her hair weren’t kinky like it was.


Willow’s mother then pointed out why she used to feel such. According to her it was because the approximation to white is the thing that is given importance in the world. However, now Willow is confident about herself and is happy with her natural hair. It was really nice to see her wearing it on the show so proudly. But to cut her hair had been a symbolic act for Willow. She has also cut her hair in the quarantine after the shooting of the show took place.


It was done by Willow’s music partner Tyler Cole, 21, who is also her boyfriend. He did so during their 24-hour exhibit titled “The Anxiety”. The event took place on 12th March in The Geffen Contemporary at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in Los Angeles. Her parents Jada and Will Smith has supported us in everything and they love her appearance and new hair.