The Challenge Recap: unexpected double elimination has broken down The Holy Trinity! Check out what happened.

The show ‘The challenge: Total Madness’ is popular among a lot of people and it gained attention really soon. It seems that the audience really live to watch shows like this. The Challenge got a large number of fans in a short time. Seeing the interest of people towards the show, it is clear that it’ll have good future ratings.

The show ‘The challenge: Total Madness’ showed the elimination of two guys in the previous week. Every week we get a new episode for it. Thus, in the forthcoming episode, there are chances that a girl will initiate a thing. Moreover, this is gonna help her to win the competition. However, due to some severe foot injury she’ll be dropping out and will leave the game. The show as well as her opponents in the show offer her a grand farewell to cheer her up.

The upcoming episode of The challenge: Total Madness will have the players being divided into five groups and they will be performing as five separate teams for the upcoming games.


The challenge: Total Madness, will come up with a really amazing task for this week. The player is supposed to get inside a tunnel with chilled water in it. There they have to gather the parts of the puzzle. Then they’ll be coming out of the water and solving the puzzle. The one who decodes it and chases the prize in less time wins.

Henceforth, the present season of The challenge: Total Madness has more number of fans following as compared to the previous one. Thus, the makers will have to soon bring more seasons for it if fans demand for it.

So, this is all we knew about the upcoming episode. We’ll be back with more spoilers, stay connected and keep reading to get all the details.