Will Katy Perry’s love for Indian culture inspire her to keep an Indian name for the baby? Find it out here.

Who does not know Hollywood nowadays? There isn’t anyone who I can recall who doesn’t know Hollywood and some famous stars from the industry. Katy Perry is one of the famous stars who not only sings well but also composes songs. The singer and her fiancé Orlando Bloom are super excited for their future ahead. Not only are they looking forward to their relationship, but also the young gift to their family, their child. She announced the gender of the child as a female to her fans.


What have the hot topics about her pregnancy been?

the 35-year-old singer is not only looking forward to that gift to their family but also is she excited about the name that she would want to dedicate to her little child. Amidst this excitement, she hasn’t forgotten the concerns that should be bothering her at such times. She is looking forward to the pandemic situations easing and wishes it to be before the day she will finally give birth to her child. However, she is enjoying her time in isolation and called it the need for the hour. 


As the naming was mentioned, fans are guessing that she might to for an Indian name after seeing her affection towards Indian traditions. Although nothing had been made sure yet, fans speculate the same to happen if so. 


Why is it an exciting moment for not only the couple but also their fans?

Katy has been on the list of everyone’s favorite, provided they knew her and her work from before. What would be surprising to see is whether she will name her child from an American origin or Indian origin. Indeed, a happy moment for her fans to witness, as she would serve the purpose of unity and fraternity with such a move, especially for the Indian out there. Indeed, the happiest moment in everyone’s lives is to see their family progressing and seeing a new member born to their family.