Will fans get a season 7 of the political drama ‘House of Cards’?Or will the show never be renewed? Read to know the latest updates.

The American political drama and thriller, The House of Cards, featuring Frank Underwood(Kevin spacey), Claire Underwood (Robin Wright), Doug stamper(Michael Kelly), Zoe Barnes(Kate Mara), Catherine Durant (Jayne Atkinson), Rachel Posner(Rachel Brosnahan), Justin Doescher ( Frank Underwood) may release its seventh season soon.

The series is based on the subject of manipulation, betrayal, and power. It talks about the story of congressmen Frank Underwood and his wife Claire Underwood who embark on a journey of brutality and betrayal in the path to attain power. Everything has been set up in the capital city Washington D.C.

The series writers have produced some great content that has been widely loved by fans all over the World.  It received a number of nominations including an outstanding of 33 primetime Emmy Award nominations in categories of the outstanding lead actor, outstanding lead actress and also for outstanding drama series.

The year of 2017 wasn’t good for the stars of House of Cards as the David Fincher Directorial faced some backlash due to sexual misconduct allegations on the lead star Kevin Spacey. Kevin was later asked to quit the show. The season six in the year 2018 showcased the character of Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey was killed between the seasons.

Apart from that, the David Fincher Directorial also faced some backlash in 2017 due to sexual misconduct allegations on its lead star Kevin Spacey. Following the allegations, Netflix announced that Kevin Spacey will be removed from the show. In the sixth season of the show released in 2018, Frank Underwood(Kevin Spacey) character Was killed between the seasons.

Is there a seventh season for ” House of Cards”?

There has been no news about the release of its seventh season yet and looks like the series is on the verge of its ending with season six being the last season of political thriller series.