Why was Thanos Stronger in Avengers: Endgame Than He was in Infinity War? The truth Has Finally Been Unraveled.

Josh Brolin’s Thanos is most certainly the best villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is also one of the most poignant in the film but one complain most fans have had with the fictional character was that he was way stronger in Avengers: Endgame than he was in Infinity War. What seems to be the reason? Let’s find out!

People found this pretty unusual as he did not possess all the Infinity Stones at certain points, especially in the face off against Captain America, Thor and Iron Man. They did however feel that without the Infinity Gauntlet, he shouldn’t have been able to take down the Trinity as he did. However, fans of MCU could have been missing one huge reason behind this resolution

Source: Marvel Studios

You must remember, in Endgame, Thanos did not touch the infinity power especially the Soul Stone so fans could consider him still green.  One knows about his might as a warlord, being a Titan so it’s pretty easy to watch him being motivated by bloodlust or vengeance for losing his men at this point rather than supernatural knowledge. The gems gave meaning to Thanos’ goals as he collected them. It also made him humble which is why when he fought the Avengers in the mysterious land of Wakanda he showed acclaim to Steve Rogers as he sensed Cap’s purity of heart.

So as much as fans whine about Russo Brothers making Thanos prevail in Endgame for substantial effect or just to make sure he looks like a proper villian, they have got to understand the Infinity War Thanos was weakened and humbled by the Stones, but this version of Thanos in Endgame wasn’t. He had no sense of control or leadership, which is why he was way stronger in the Endgame than in Infinity War.

So in conclusion the possession of the ‘soul stone’ was the reason why Thanos was humbled and softened in Infinity War.