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Why PewDiePie is banned in China? Read on to Know the Reason!!!

PewDiePie is the most popular YouTube channel with over 101 million subscribers. The viewers of PewDiePie hail from various countries all across the globe. Except for one place in the world where its content is no longer welcomed – China. The Chinese government has declared a ban on the YouTube channel of PewDiePie in China.

In PewDiePie’s latest episode that aired on the 19th of October, YouTube king Felix PewDiePie Kjellberg shocked his fans by the revelation of the channel’s ban in China. As a reason for the ban, the YouTuber explained that the ban is an outcome of his reaction to a meme that mocked the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Pewds said that he is banned from China. After he spoke about the Hong Kong protests and mocked the Chinese President Xi Jinping by comparing his looks to that of Winnie the Pooh, he got banned from China. He stated that looking up his channel name on any site, whether Reddit or YouTube, will display a blank result.

The YouTuber said that he found the whole thing pretty amusing but also apologized to his fans saying, “I’m laughing, but yeah I’m sorry if you are in China, and try to watch my videos. That kind of sucks. It’s just kind of funny.” Pewds added that he had expected the ban, given to the country’s history of anything to do with the Hongkong protest.

It was his 16th October episode of meme review where the topic of the Hongkong protest cropped up. While reviewing the popular memes of 2019, halfway, a meme comparing the Chinese leader Xi Jinping to Winnie the Pooh came. After reviewing this meme, the YouTube star shifted to the issue of the ongoing protests in Hongkong against the Chinese government.

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