Why Did Selena Gomez Never Return To Justin Bieber Even After An Apparent Patch Up? Here is everything you need to know.

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber still remain one of the most controversial ex-couple of all time! The pair did not break up once but it was almost an ongoing process with too many breakouts and patch-ups in the way.


Selena Gomes And Justin Bieber’s Breakup Was Quite A Controversial One Over All These Years!

The pair when first started dating could not stop gushing about each other and soon went on to become one of the most adorable pair in the music industry, however, soon there was trouble in paradise.


The couple went on to come back to each other several times only to call it quits for good back in 2018, soon, the Baby hitmaker went on to rekindle his romance with Hailey Baldwin. Even Selena Gomez dated quite a few celebs including The Weekend. However, Selena was devastated after her breakup with Justin and was even rumored to check.into a rehab soon enough.


Selena Gomez Revealed To Be In An Abusive Relationship! Is It About Justin Bieber? Have a Look.

She even stated in an exclusive interview that she was subjected to a certain kind of abuse while she was with Justin Bieber. However, now it seems like the last is behind them as Justin is happily married to Hauley Baldwin while Selena Gomez is busy with her back to backtracks and her recently launched Rare makeup line. The ex- couple has left their past traumas behind them and moved on for the better this time!


Justin Bieber has gone on record and dais that he truly loved ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez and she will.always have a social place in his heart. Well, some relationships are hard to forget it seems!