Thandie Newton confesses about having a horrible experience with co star Tom Cruise! Check out why.

Tom Cruise has a millions of fans from all around the world. And no one could wonder that he can be a provoking person, so was the case with Thandie Newton. Thandie Newton worked with Tom Cruise in 2000 for the movie Mission Impossible 11. Recently in one of her interviews she described her experience while working in the movie with him.

She said that the actor is really dominant and stressed person. When the interviewer asked her why didn’t she work one more movies with Tom Cruise after that. She said that there were two reasons. First she never got an opportunity to work with him after that. And secondly she was afraid of working with him because of his dominant behavior. However, the actor on his part tries to be as modest and nice as he can. But he takes so much pressure while shooting and wants everything to be the best.

She also shared a moment from their shooting days. They had a night scene in the balcony. The dialogues were also not very well written. And what happened further was even more worse. Tom was not satisfied with Thandie’s work. And in an attempt to explain her how to do it correctly he played her part in front of the camera while she was acting on his behalf and speaking his lines. This according to her turned out to be the least helpful thing.

However, even Newton understands that he was just trying to make the scenes look better and was stressed for the same and wasn’t acting horrible or trying to suppress her. But apart from all these struggles she had a wonderful time shooting for the film. Tom also have her some amazing books related to Scientology as gifts, which she though was really cool.