Why Did Kate Perry think about committing suicide After Her Breakup With Orlando Bloom Back In 2017? Check it out.

Sometimes even celebrities go through a dark phase in their life, but there are some rare times when it feels like the difficulties have just reached its limit and there might be no escape! One such singing star has been suffering from such a time in her last and was recently candid about it.


Kate Perry Went Through A Dark Phase In Her Life And Here’s All About It!

Apparently, the Roar hitmaker Kate Perry did take the breakup with Orlando Bloom back in 2017 a little too hard. The singer has confessed that she even contemplated suicide! The personal suffering was made all the more difficult for her after her career was also seen to be taking a setback.


Kate Perry was also facing a career crisis when her album Witness did not stand on the expectation and scored poorly. She revealed in a recent radio interview that the validation that was supposed to make her high failed and she just crashed!


The Roar Hitmaker Soon Jumped Back On Her Feet And How! Have A Look.

However, she went on to say that it was gratitude that saved her life and she knew that she was grateful no matter how bad things looked for a while. The singer had faith and did not lose hope and was soon flying high on both personal and professional success!


Kate Perry has released two.somgs and both of they has been found well while the singer is also expecting her first child with fiance Orlando Bloom. The two had a temporary split only to rekindle their romance a few months later. They announced their engagement in 2019 and are all set to welcome their firstborn.