Who is Alexandra Daddario dating now? Here’s what we know!

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Parenthood, Baywatch, etc are some of the projects that have featured the actress we are talking about, yes, you guessed that right. It’s Alexandra Daddario, an American actress aged 34 years.


To talk about her personal life, she hails from a family from mixed demography, be it Italian, English, Hungarian or Irish. Her inclination was more towards acting and for which she left her education to debut at the age of 16. Not only shows and series, but she has also been a part of music videos such as ‘Radioactive’.


An insight into her love life

Yes, love life matters. Not only does it give a break to an individual from their mundanes, but it also brings light to their lives. Her love life has been full of ups and downs. In 2014, she dated Logan Lerman and was thought of having engaged in 2015-16. The journey ended with a mutual separation and nothing commenced from there.


Talk of short term relationships and not mention her relationship with the basketball player named Be Verlander sounds empty. She had dated him for a short duration.

One of her most hit movies has been Baywatch where she was officially paired with Zac Efron and the movie witnessed their chemistry which was believed to have continued off-screen as well. However, the two shrugged the rumors off y calling it their friendship and nothing more than that. Brendan Wallace Cabify who was dating Emma Watson separated from her and was no sooner spotted with Alexandra post their breakup.


The two were seen together in Italy for vacation. Not much later, the two might have broken up. Nothing either started or ended with formal statements from her. All we know is that there was a chemistry that she held with some of her co-stars that was much more than their friendship. 

What is her current relationship status?


As of recently, the actress is enjoying her single life. Wait a while until a change takes place, however, for now, she is single as reports have suggested.