Batwoman Ruby Rose is ready to fight her battles with the strongest villain ever- Safiyah Sohail! Check it out.

The series that includes includes genre like Superhero, Crime, and Mystery i.e none other that the very popular Batwoman has got some new updates. The series is an adaptation from the DC comics. Till now we have got only one season of it. Streaming service of which was The CW.

The first season got up on the screens on October 6, 2019. However, according to the plans Season 1 was supposed to be of 22 episodes, but production delayed due to the spread of the pandemic and the season ended with only 20 episodes. It got a 79% ratings by Rotten Tomatoes.

When will Batwoman Season 2 Release?

There are 100% chances that we’ll get Season 2 of Batwoman. In January 2020, the CW revealed that Batwoman will be back for a second season. They also announced that it will hit the screens around January 2021. However, there’s no exact release date yet.


Ruby Rose will return for her role as Kate Kane, the Batwoman. Rachel Skarsten will be seen playing Beth Kane / Alice.

Megan Tandy is expected to play Sophie Moore. Nicole Kang will be seen as Mary Hamilton. Campus Johnson can also reprise his role, Luke Fox.

Expectations: Plot

In season 1, we saw that three years after Bruce Wayne disappeared, he came back as Batman, his cousin Kate Kane is seen trying to overcome her fears and wishes to become the symbol for hope and to protect the Gotham City and she becomes the Batwoman.

In the previous season we get to seen that Beth Kane, Kate Kane’s sister was assumed to be dead. However, this didn’t turn up to happen. She is alive, and appears as a new villian of the story. She returns spreading terror in the Gotham City.