While Hopper is Coming Back From Death, What Else Is Going To Happen In Stranger Things Season 4?

While the popular sci-fi fantasy drama series Stranger Things season 3 left behind a huge cliffhanger around Jim Hopper, it was soon revealed in the season 4 teaser that Hopper is very much alive and fans have a lot to look forward to in the upcoming season.

What’s In Store For Fans In Stranger Things Season 4?

While production had to be shut down following the pandemic terror, it has been resumed yet again and fans soon saw a Twitter post that was recently uploaded with a caption, meanwhile in the Upside Down.

With Hopper’s return from his alleged death that was teased in season 3, David Harbour has said that his character had to resurrect in some way and he always knew what’s in store for his character. He defined Hopper as the same guy but in a different way. We will get to know more once the fourth season arrives on the streaming platform, Netflix. Here’s a sneak peek into all the upcoming action.


Several New Faces Are all Set To Join From Season 4 Onwards.

Moreover, fans will be interested to know that there will be one new face who is going to make debut with season 4. Actor Joel Stoffer is also going to join the fourth season in a role that is not yet revealed. Tom Wlaschiha is also going to join from season 4 onwards as a Russian prison guard. Here’s the Twitter post further confirming his role in the upcoming season.


Cast Member Natalia Dyer has already teased some spoilers saying that the fourth season is going to be really big and exciting. Moreover, a new horror is going to resurface, something that was long buried and is going to connect everything.